Books We Recommend

Books We Recommend

Book 1 – Insider Secrets to Adopting the Right Dog, Donna Stanley

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This book assists you in shopping and adopting a dog. Here is list of all the topics you would learn about.

Chapter 1 – Adopting our Ally

Getting to know the pups and sending them home: Livvy’s forever dog.
The sweetest dog for my sweetest girl.
A long, loving, and lucky relationship.

Chapter 2 – Figuring Out Where to Find Your Dog

Adopting a shelter or rescue dog
Buying a puppy from a breeder
Avoiding the backyard breeder
Why pay more for a pet?
Ten signs a puppy is from a puppy mill

Chapter 3 – Working With a Breeder

What you should expect from a good breeder considering your preferences
Choosing an AKC Breeder of merit
How to talk to a breeder
Selling to celebrities

CHAPTER 4 – Picking the Perfect Puppy

It all starts with the breeder
Selecting your pup from the litter
Size genetics: “I want the biggest puppy.”
The importance of paying attention: Don’t be a Ms. Leaky Mouth
Keeping the kids under control while you adopt their new friend
Am I crazy to want two puppies?
It’s okay to love again

CHAPTER 5 – Bringing Your Fur Baby Home

Puppy proofing your home
Puppy’s first days at home
Helping your kids adapt to life with their new best friend

CHAPTER 6 – Crate Training

Crate basics: Introducing the crate
Following a schedule
Preventing problems as an adult

CHAPTER 7 – Socializing: Ensuring Your Pup Would Be Welcomed Anywhere

Starting with socialization
Immediately introducing a new puppy to the pack
Socialization at dog parks can go horribly wrong

CHAPTER 8 – The Puppies are coming! The Puppies are Coming!

Is she or isn’t she?
Making preparations
Watching and waiting
Potty time adventures and the big moment

CHAPTER 9 – Taking Charge of Your Pup’s Health: Health Guarantees, Contracts, and More

Introducing health guarantees
Considering contracts and registrations
What to expect from a veterinarian rude dude who didn’t have a clue

CHAPTER 10 – Knowing When to Spay or Neuter

My recommendation for spaying or neutering
Help! My dog is in heat!

CHAPTER 11 – Feeding Your Dog a Healthy Diet

Recognizing the need for your dog to eat well
Realizing the benefits of supplements
Choosing the right food
Considering a raw diet
Being water aware

CHAPTER 12 – Meet the Labrador Retriever

American or English? The history of the Labrador
How large is a Labrador?
I hear all chocolate Labs are hyper and all yellowLabs are dumb and blah, blah… A meeting gone wrong

CHAPTER 13 – Specific Health Conditions Found in Labrador Retrievers

Hip dysplasia in Labradors
HNPK: A genetic issue that is unsightly and unpleasant for your Lab
Asking breeders about health clearances
Dealing with dishonest clients

CHAPTER 14 – Dogs and their people make the best friends

A bond like no other relationships matter
From clients to close friends
Happy memories

POST SCRIPT – The Power of Love

APPENDIX A – AKC Official Standard for the Labrador Retriever
APPENDIX B – AKC Code of Sportsmanship



Book 2 – The Art of Raising a Puppy, the Monks of New Skete

Book 3 – Training Your Retriever, James Lamb Free

Book 4 – Labrador Retriever Today, Carol Cooke

Book 5 – Labrador Retrievers for Dummies

All of these books are available through, except for Labrador Quarterly Magazine

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