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Convertible Pet Gate

Finally! An elite doggy product designed with the practical homeowner in mind. This beauty is actually a gate, room divider, and pet pen all rolled up in one. The 6 panels are easily interchangeable and can be removed or adjusted to 3, 4 or 5 panels to fit the...

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Ahh…. This beauty solves the young Labrador parent dilemma. You know, the one where the lab sees his neighbor for the first time and goes buck crazy, barking loudly and ferociously, and all you can do is apologize because you know he’s really good at home…. Yeah, that problem....


What You Do Not Know Could Actually Hurt Your Dog! Who knew that what you thought was keeping your dog SAFE, could actually result in his own DEATH??  Most laws require your dog to always wear a collar with rabies tags and ID when outside of your home. HOWEVER,...

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